Collect Google reviews anywhere with your mobile phone

Make your mobile phone work for you

In 2019, 56% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. Today almost all people have a phone in their pocket, making communications between businesses and customers much easier if know-how. Mobile phones can also help employees to provide better customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

Review Booster Funnel on mobile phone and iPad

What business owners can do to get more reviews

Businesses are becoming more mobile and digital, so it is necessary to adopt smartphones into the customer journey. Our tools make it easy for you to start collecting reviews anywhere by just opening your custom Review Booster URL that you created for the business on any mobile phone.

Best used for:

  • Home services
  • Special events
  • Outdoor activities
  • Long line ups
  • Remote locations
  • Pop up shops
  • Restaurants

picture od people enjoying mobile

There is no limit to the way you can collect reviews and customer data. Combine mobile setup along with a smart display ,or QR code. Use more than one type of collection method to increase customer engagement and grow your business. Our system is SMS based, putting all your messages directly into the customer's mobile phone.

If you haven't created your free Review Booster, you can create it the spot for free to start collecting reviews on the go.