Do I have to worry about social media for my business?

Every business should have a social media presence

We’re going to dive into the importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO) in collaboration with Online Reputation Management (ORM).

As a brand, we often speak of customer experience. It is far superior to customer service because everything before, during, and after a sale is considered.

An impressive star rating usually sparks the initial interaction and the sale, but there is more to brand building than that.

Loyalty and post-sale interest are often established through social media channels. The third touchpoint in the customer experience.

Note - People often overlook that communication via social media vessels mirrors face to face interaction.

The psychology aligns, in many cases.

An example:

Let’s say a likeable person has graced a party. Wonderful person, but incapable of holding attention.


You can stop reading now if this is the persona that you’re after.

We would personally like to convey something more powerful, and I will assume that you do, too. After all, our task is to gain and retain attention.

Imagine this: the likeable personality approaches a group and communicates their interest in plain toast.

Next, continues to elaborate and offers you a treat. You’re not interested because everything leading up to this point had been bland and generic.

You walk away to pursue other interaction(s).

Let’s rewind:

The same person approaches the same crowd and pulls a phenomenal story out of thin air.

Trigger words are spouted, intense imagery is achieved, valuable lessons are learned.


The same person took a different approach and commanded a space. The raconteur pulls out an assortment of treats, slaps a price tag on them, and they sell out immediately.

So it goes, people want more. Another story is requested. Networks are built.

Posting compelling content on social sites involves your consumer base. It creates and maintains relationships. Consumers are the core to any business.


Listen to their insight, feed their demand, and reciprocate by posting passionately. In return, they will be actively involved with your brand.

Social Media can make your business very memorable. As displayed in the example, treats were offered by both personalities. One sold all inventory and created a network. The other wasn't able to give their stock away for free.