Goodfellas Pizzeria awarded Barstool Pizza Review's first ever 0 star rating

Let's view a live case study and witness the effects that an online media 'mob' can have on a business.

Today barstool pizza, an online pizza reviewer and influencer was filming a pizza review at Goodfellas Distillery, in Lexington, KY.

Mid-way through the review the manager of the pizza joint abruptly tells barstool pizza to leave as they are leaving the review prompting barstool pizza to award their first ever 0 star rating.

barstool pizza 0 star review effect

Now we can witness the effect of a large media influencer's effect of clout and power of a negative review.

Since the video has been posted on barstools account it has been shared and made the front page on reddit. The post about the review can can be seen here.

Damage to Reputation so far:


barstool pizza yelp rating drops

Yelp rating went from a 4 to 2 within an hour * currently sits at a 1.5 star

600+ reviews left – Now keep in mind, yelp may remove some of these reviews for the business.


There are many Goodfellas Pizzeria locations as it is a large chain. They have an average rating of 4.3 stars chain-wide with an average of 600+ reviews per location. Google will most likely remove the influx of negative press and unauthentic reviews from this location based off of the origin of the accounts however, it will still be interesting to see how their reputation is overall affected. Barstool Pizza is a notable reviewer within the pizza community. His reviews focusing on quality pizza of all types. For him to go head on against this chain especially with his followers could really be a damaging force the credibility of Goodfella's. Pizza has a powerful circle of enthusiasts.

Goodfella's has spoken on Twitter, with a ...surprising response

Goodfellas Pizzeria Barstool Pizza feud "Okay @stoolpresidente, you caught us at a moment of weakness, but we only strive for greatness! We wanna put our Yanks against your Sox tonight for a chance at redemption. What do you say? Are you a gambling man?"

Overall this is has been hard to watch. Their reply to this incident should have been:
1 - The manager was out of line and has been talked to.
2 - The pizza wasn't up to our standards, we apologize and welcome you or any other reviewer to randomly drop in and give us another shot.
3 - Apologize!