How to collect reviews with your new custom URL

5 ways to collect reviews

Collecting positive reviews shouldn’t be hard for you, or your customers. Here are a couple of ways to get started. If you haven't created your free Rating Booster, you can get started on the spot here.


Collect reviews straight from your phone - anywhere, anytime. Set up now.

Smart Display

Engage with customers with an in-store Smart Display. See my options.

BrandLoyal on Smart Display


Works with your point of sale (POS) system to collect customer data. Set up now.


QR Code

Contactless method that works with any smartphone camera. Get your custom QR Code and poster.



Add your link in your existing newsletters, or download our free email template.


What happens?

GoodLife Example
1. Enter customer number
2. Customer receives SMS
3. Customer leaves review

  • Positives go online
  • Negatives go to manager

How it works:

GoodLife Example

What else can I do?

BrandLoyal full suite

SMS Marketing

This budget-friendly option has a whopping 98% open rate and high conversion as well. Although it's not as trendy as social media, you can make sure your message is seen and safe in your customers' pocket.

Data Collection

BrandLoyal helps you collect a wide range of data from your customers; know who they are, when they visit, and how they truly feel about your business.

Loyalty Program

Engage customers to increase their lifetime value by offering a Loyalty Rewards program, personalized and catered to your (and their) individual needs.

Pixel Tracking

Our system takes advantage of Facebook Pixel that help track metrics like email opens, sales conversions, and pretty much any other activity related to your campaign. Go even further by retargeting customers after they're finished with the initial interaction.

The more customers you engage with, the more 5-Star reviews you receive. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email or talk to us on our live chat.