How to Ensure Your Customers are Participating

At this stage, you've implemented a software.Your system is probably displayed on a tablet or sheet of paper, handled by the client's Customer Service Representatives (CSR).

What Role Does the CSR play in ORM?

FACT: Overall success is dependent on staff participation and persistence. Zero pitch = zero stars.

To ensure that CSR's presentation to clients is organic and consistent, we provide materials and walkthroughs to staff prior to implementation.

If front-end skepticism sparks the refusal of staff involvement, the entire process will be an uphill battle. Change is scary, so implement a system that is easy to use and simple to learn.

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In early stages, BrandLoyal experienced these progress barriers. In time, we implemented an unconventional method for our sales representatives to follow.

Our strategy:

Pose as a CSR for a day and experience front-end processes first hand.


Although there is no immediate monetary compensation, there are many advantages.

Benefits to adopting this approach:
  • Accurate understanding of day-to-day processes
  • Thorough communication of software to CSR
    • This will prevent future headaches
  • Effective strategy building
  • Developing trust with staff by adding a face to your brand
  • Proof of genuine interest in success of the consumer
  • Vertical and horizontal word of mouth referrals (HUGE percentage of business transactions)
  • Opportunity to pinpoint shortcomings and provide a solution
  • Understand industry fundamentals and processes for future leads

There’s no better experience than field experience, so take advantage of differentiating opportunities that most wouldn’t consider.