How to use QR codes during COVID

Due to the pandemic, businesses are looking to create contactless experiences now more than ever. In this post we will be exploring some of the different ways you can use QR codes to help your business; from collecting customer data, to eliminating paper, and even redirecting users to your social media.

QR Flyer brandloyal example

Ways to use QR Codes

Speed up the check-in process

woman checking-in digitally

Replace paper forms by having customers fill it out on their phone

Personal device with an application form on it

Share contactless menus and keep customers safe

Waitress offering a QR menu to guest

Share special event information

Sign with QR that a phone is scanning

Get customers to leave product reviews

Brandloyals online rating booster

Share promotions that stay on your customer's phone

Phone scanning a promotion on QR

Place orders without having to touch anything

Woman scanning window QR to place order

Open maps and share directions

Mobile phone with maps opened on it

Send customers to your social channels

Iphone with all social channels on it

Directly share your product videos on Youtube

Youtube app one on iphone

Bring traffic to your website

Computer mouse connected to QR

When using QR there is nothing more important than the location, place your QR codes where it is easy for people to see and scan it.

QR is fast and extremely easy to use, try it below to test out our new Review Booster. Just point your smartphone camera at the code below and a link will appear. Tap on it to proceed.

QR Code of Review Booster Funnel

When it comes to growing your business during this pandemic, QR codes will help. You can use it in many unique ways with very little time invested. Now is the time to think about how you can innovate with QR codes and what type of actions will help your customers stay safe.