5 reasons why you need to make Google my business a priority

Understanding Google my business

Have you ever searched for a restaurant or dry cleaners near you on google maps and there are tons within a walking distance? How do customers make a choice when they have so many options for local businesses? These 5 reasons will help you understand the importance of Google my business reviews.

The hub worlds data connected

Google is the hub of the world

Your rating is an average of all of the reviews left, the more 5-star reviews you collect the higher your rating will be and the more odds you will be picked against other competitors. When most people need to search for something locally, they use google. With as many as 46% of all Google searches being local, if you don’t appear at the top of your local searches your business will be left behind.

The hub worlds data connected

Positive ratings mean more business

Think about this situation, would you rather get a cake from a bakery with a 3-star rating or from a bakery with a 4.7 rating? It’s a snowball effect, if you have good reviews, you will have more business, and end up with more reviews. We call it the happy customer cycle. With just a 1-star increase in ratings equalling to a 5-9 % increase in revenue, you should make it easy for customers to leave a review.

chart of increase in business

More reviews = More credibility

With 91% of customers from the ages of 18 to 34 trusting online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, it is a must to make it easy for your happy customers to leave a review online for your business. Any company can claim they are the best or the fastest or the most luxurious but when your customers speak for you it’s much more powerful. Did you know positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more?

customer trusting business

Make negative reviews smaller with positive feedback

It’s impossible to not have any negative reviews, we put together the best ways to respond to negative feedback but the negative review will still remain on your Google my business page. The strategy to shrink negative reviews is done by filling your account with real 5-star customer feedback. By collecting real feedback with our easy-to-use review booster tool you can drown out the negative reviews and make it easy for future customers to choose you.

positive over negative

Get to the top of Google local searches

Reviews account for about 15% of the method Google uses to rank local businesses. By appearing on the first page of google you have a 75% chance of a click-through compared to the second page where it drops a staggering amount to only 6%. Those stats should help you further understand how important it is to collect more 5-star Google reviews.
Use our free Google review booster tool to help you get started boosting your business to the top of local search results.


Give happy customers a voice

Do your business and your employees a favour and make getting local Google my business reviews a top priority! There are various ways to collect reviews but we show you the best ways .

Now that you understand the importance of Google my business reviews, the answer is simple, customers pick the business that has the highest rating. Use brandloyal to make collecting reviews easy and start reaping the benefits of appearing first on your local Google my business searches.