Customer Experience: the Heart of All Business

The Internet is a bizarre concept. Especially with regard to online reputation. All People can publicly voice their opinion, influence star ratings, and in turn, leave their stamp for thousands of others to view.

Note - Reference our post about targeting businesses without a star rating for some relevant statistics and further insight.

All the while, the validity and genuine nature of their feedback cannot be verified. A handful of negative reviews can change the average perception of new web traffic. This could prove to be an extreme detriment to a once successful operation.

For victims of negative reviews, it’s important to pinpoint the root of the issue and plan a strategic attack. Poor reviews, although impactful, should not be one’s root concern. It's a fluctuating score that shares a positive relationship with advancements in consumer experience.

  • 73% of consumers think that reviews over 3 months old are irrelevant

Consumer experience goes far beyond front-end staff, while preceding it, too. Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director at the Disney Institute, describes customer experience as the sum of interactions a person has with a company.

It involves everything before, during, and after the delivery of the product or service. Together, these form the critical moments—the touch points—the memories that create a successful experience.

Every employee, regardless of position within a company, plays a pertinent role in the development of an average consumer experience.

Focus may shift from customer service - to marketing - to the bottom line, but we must not forget balance.

An extreme shift may result in a collapse.


For some, this is a summary of your current processes. Congratulations on a job well done. For others, keep reading.

Have you Googled your business recently? Are you impressed with your findings?

If you’re suffering from a poor online reputation, or you don't currently have reputation, it’s never too late for a change.

Implementing an effective ORM software will provide a cushion while you develop and execute your consumer experience strategy.  

The system will ensure that your online scores aligns with changes in consumer attitude toward your brand.

You will feel refreshed and your business will once again be attractive across all mediums. A proper system will also help with maintenance and follow up, too.


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