Customer Feedback - Does it really matter?

When is the last time you asked a loyal customer for their feedback on a product or service your business offers?

Have you ever said, "I know my customers better than all my competitors"? But do you really? Again, when was the last time you gave a survey to your customers or even asked them a couple of questions regarding a product or service.

Customer Feedback is a cheat sheet for understanding your customers better. Allowing you to get real-time feedback on what you are doing amazing and what the business can improve on. Acting on customer feedback will help your business in making more money and help cut costs.

Here are 3 reasons why customer feedback is more important than ever!

1. Creates Loyal Customers

customer retention picture

Asking customers for their feedback makes them feel valued and important to the business. Knowing that you care about what they think, is a huge bonus and customers will choose you over competitors because they feel more connected to the business. Building brand loyalty will help drive traffic to the business, customers will see the brand in a positive light. Causing them to mention your business in passing to friends and family in a positive and encouraging way.

Even better, when you make changes that customers have suggested they will take notice. This is great as they feel you are adjusting to their needs, allowing them to have a more personalized service or product.

2. Helps Fix Hidden Problems

man looking for hidden problems

You and your team have discussed, argued and resolved hundreds of issues about your products or services. Unfortunately, there a ton more that are hidden in the cracks of your business, that only your customers can see.

As a business owner, there is a bucket of problems that are waiting to be fixed. At times owners will see a small problem as a large one, that's where customer sentiment can help the most. Customer feedback can help you find the most glaring issues, that may not be visible to you or your team. Have your customers work for you by providing valuable feedback, that can help cut costs and increase revenue.

3. Innovate to the Customers Needs

Helping a customer with her needs

Understanding your customers better can help you scale and innovate as a business. Businesses that do not innovate and adapt will eventually be run out of business by their competitors.

What better way to come up with new and exciting products and services than asking the people who are purchasing them. Getting feedback and new ideas from customers can make the process of adapting much easier. As a business owner, if you know what your customers are looking for you can stay ahead of your competition by integrating some of their great ideas.

Great so now you know how important customer feedback is for your business. But wait.... how do I get amazing customer feedback that will actually help?

Here is a list of a couple of ways to get quality customer feedback!
  • Get your employees to ask for feedback
  • Use Emails to send out surveys
  • Call your customers regularly
  • Ask for feedback on the receipt
  • Use multiple-choice polls & surveys
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Send Customers SMS surveys using SMS software (recommended)

Create your custom Review Booster today!Now you are armed with all the tools you need to start getting more customer feedback, increasing your revenue and understanding your customers better than ever.