Does getting more Google Reviews help your SEO?

Who doesn't love seeing a 5-star review get posted to their business? Besides feeling awesome when someone leaves you a review, getting more 5-star review will also help your Local SEO.


One of the key elements to having good SEO is Trust. Ranking higher on Google is not easy but by having a high rating and tons of reviews Google sees your business as a trustworthy company. Building trust with existing customers will build trust with Google and will lead to new customers coming to your business.

Let pretend that Jimmy owns a Pizzeria, he provides the best service and uses tools to get more customer reviews on Google. As time passes Jimmy starts to see tons of reviews come in, that in turn helps his local SEO. He is now sitting at 400 reviews with a 4.9-star rating while his competitor across the street John's Pizzeria only has 5 reviews with a 4-star rating. Who do you trust more?

Every day hundreds of your potential clients are reading and reviewing your Google reviews. This is a cycle if you can build trust with customers it will lead to better reviews, higher rating and more customers!

Let Google know who you are

Having a rich and detailed description of your website will help achieve good SEO. By having your descriptions clear and optimized it allows Google to easily crawl your website. Online reviews left by customers are no different. Not only do Google reviews now help determine what your business has to offer but it also helps answer questions that your site may not answer.

For example, let's say Timmy's Auto Shop website advertises oil changes but does not mention it offers synthetic oil changes as well. If a customer with a car that only takes synthetic oil mentions that in their review it will help fill the gap that your website may be missing.

Beat out your competitors

Everyone knows that search engine optimization can drastically increase traffic and customers to your business. Reviews are no difference, 87% of consumers are now reading reviews before visiting a business. Google reviews can be categorized by the consumer by highest rating, the lowest rating, newest, most relevant and keywords.

Imagine you are looking for a place to get a haircut, would you want to choose a hairdresser that is rated the lowest. Consumers are using the highest rated feature more than ever. By not having a high rating, your business is not even in the conversation of the consumer's choices.

There are hundreds of businesses that offer the same or similar services and if you are able to stand out from your Google reviews you can be one of their first choices.

Now that I know Google Reviews can help my SEO ranking....

How do I get more Google Reviews?

Have you ever been to a restaurant or a local business in your area, where after you have made your purchase they started begging you for a review? YES, it sounds like begging. Many business owners feel that by badgering their customers after every transaction they can get tons of reviews. This is not always true, customers feel uncomfortable with this and find it inconvenient.

How can you make this more natural? Simple offer an incentive! Offering an incentive will make the ask more natural as the customer feels that they can be rewarded for their feedback. But this does not solve the issue of making it convenient for the customer. BrandLoyal is a company that can solve this. By just getting your customer's phone number, BrandLoyal sends your customers a text message that will guide them to your review page. This makes the process of leaving a review very convenient as they do not need to search the business up to leave a review.

Overall obtaining more 5-star reviews will help drive traffic to your business, improve your local SEO and help you as a business owner connect better with your customers.