Google's Newest Addition and Bonus Insight Into the Future

Interested clients will now receive distance information that constantly updates using location data.

This brings light to Google's persistence and accuracy in location tracking. Just recently, I've received updates that communicate my vehicle's exact location.


When this update first launched, it was a mobile-specific feature. It was only visible in the knowledge panel on mobile devices, but currently appears on desktop, too.

Note- Google has been releasing mobile applications first, because they are pushing hard for mobile optimization.


Google will continue to update the knowledge panel with peak hours, reviews, direction shortcuts, and more.

Potential Updates From the Future:

With advances in data collection, Google will most likely add a 'suggestions' tab to the knowledge panel, based on search and click history.


Users will have the option to quickly 'share' this information among Google networks, which will heighten mobile activity and willingness to review.