Has Google Abandoned Defamation Removals?

Since 2009, Google has implemented an informal policy to remove defamatory reviews upon request of an attorney.

Recently, hundreds of removal requests for defamatory and libelous content have been overlooked by Google. The process was once slow, but the URL was eventually removed.

Many attorneys have submitted Google's direct response to their requests:

At this time, Google has decided not to take action

Google's help page states:

Google does not remove allegedly defamatory material from our search results.."


Google has released that they may consider Case-by-case removal, but that they are not legally obliged to do so. It's costly and low on Google's list of priorities.

Thus, although victims will continue to suffer, it seems that Google will continue moving in this direction.

More Potential Explanations:

Reputation Management Parties Fool Google into Removing Negative Content for Their Clients

Similar to the rest of us, Google does not like to be taken advantage of.

Slithering between Google's processes to turn a quick profit is a slap in the face to an empire, that since recent (2009), has inconvenienced themselves to make sure that users play nice.

What Could the Future Hold?

Removal Fee - Similar to Yelp

It is fair to assume that one day Google will charge a fee for the removal of defamatory/libelous reviews.

Apparently Google don't work for free these days, partner.


Modification of Legislature

It is Section 230 of the CDA that protects Google from being held accountable for defamatory/libelous complaints.

In the future, legislature could change and immunity could be lifted. Wishful thinking for the victims of online hate.