Helpful Tips for Responding to Customer Reviews

Remeber to always respond to customer reviews

It's crucial to maintain professionalism when responding to clients.

Don't take feedback personally. Client insight is some of the most valuable information available, and it's unrealistic to expect 100% positivity.

When a negative review is published, take a deep breath and consider these tips:

1) Don't respond with standardized messages.

2) It's usually best to apologize and move on. Ultra defensive responses are usually perceived as petty by viewers.

3) Don't spark a conversation on the review thread. Instead, suggest a phone call.

4) Respond proactively, consistently, and quickly.

5) Once the conflict is resolved, communicate that the customer's feedback is valuable.

6) If it becomes clear that a competitor is posting to defame your operation, request information that might expose them. Use this as an opportunity to educate about malicious competitor reviews.

7) "This is from an employee that we let go." The appropriate solution, in this case, is to contact them directly and provide non-threatening reasons to reconsider.

8) A reasonable discount or apology can act as a pacifier.

9) Read our responding to negative reviews blog to find out the best ways to deal with any negative feedback.