The Best Way to Respond to Negative Business Reviews

Knowing how to Respond to Negative Business Reviews is important

Every business will receive a negative review in their lifetime. It is important to understand how to respond to them because future customers will be able to see how the business cares about its customers. Using the tips provided you should be able to turn any comment into a positive return for your business.

1) Do not be negative

thumbs down

Before responding to any negative review it is important to take a deep breath…..
It's easy to say something you don't mean when someone is directly saying negative things about your business. Take your time and respond in a courteous and professional manner.
Future customers will be able to see how you interact and you don’t want to be the angry stubborn business owner lashing out on its customers.

2) Keep the customer happy

happy customer

Not all negative reviews are malicious; they should be considered as a way for customers to share their experiences. If they had a bad experience, the problem has to be addressed right away and they should be compensated to return. Who doesn't like a 20% off your next purchase or a free service or free shipping on their order? You can then update the negative review with the steps you took to resolve the issue to allow others to see how great your customer service is.

3) Share your side of events

share your point of view

As the saying goes the “customer is always right”. Remember when sharing your side of the events that lead to the negative feedback to not disregard any of the claims that the reviewer has left. Use facts of the situation and make sure to emphasize the steps that you took to resolve the issue for the customer. Future customers are the ones who will be reading this, keep your cool and don’t attack the reviewer.

4) Not every review has truth behind it

some reviews are lies

Sometimes customers will make mistakes and leave a review on the wrong business. More often than not you might have a competitor write a bad review just to diminish your brand and your service. If the review makes any claims that you can counter with facts that would help your case. Keep in mind that you still want to maintain professionalism but you can respond back if you believe this person never used your service.

5) Increase your 5-star reviews

more 5 star reviews

The most effective way to block a negative review is to drown it out with more 5-star reviews read our blog about the best ways to collect 5-star reviews.
You can stop it before it goes online with the BrandLoyal online review tool. Send your happy customers a direct review link to their mobile phone and watch your google ratings grow. We recommend using incentives to encourage customers to leave reviews.

Remember to respond promptly

alt Every business is bound to receive some negative reviews. You can turn it into a positive by responding promptly and taking the necessary steps to resolve their issue publicly.
Customers respond better when a business engages back to their comments, remember people like being heard and compensated if any issue arises.