How to get 100x more Google reviews

Build confidence in your brand

In the first year after implementing the customer connect online review booster system from Brandloyal, Dentistry on Dundas reports a dramatically changed online presence. Previously, they had a 4.3 Star rating with a total of 34 reviews on Google. Customers experiencing issues used online reviews to leave negative feedback, and others shared their bad experiences with a friend or family.


Google Rating - 4.3
Total Reviews - 34

old ratings of Dentistry location

Today all customers reporting issues online are dealt with immediately, this has increased their rating to 4.8 Stars with a total of 266 reviews on Google. That’s a 616% increase of more Google reviews in less than 1 year "It's an incredible change," says Connie. "We're increasing satisfaction and building life-time customers at the same time."

After 10 months

Google Rating - 4.8
Total Reviews - 266

new positive ratings after using brandloyal

Leverage moments of customer happiness

When a customer receives good service or is happy about a product they just purchased, they are at the peak of the buyer’s journey. Take advantage of the moments in which your customers are more likely to leave a positive review, by sending a review request right to their mobile device.

woman talking about a 5-star service she received

When you earn more 5-star Google reviews, you are reassuring your potential customers that you’re a reliable business. You want customers to know you offer quality products or services. Learning how to keep your existing customers satisfied will improve your bottom line.

The Stats are on your side

Since 80% of consumers consider reviews just as important as a personal recommendation. It is important to understand the power good reviews have on your online presence.

With 92% of customers reading online reviews of local businesses in order to determine whether these businesses are a good fit or not, it is essential to have a positive online presence.

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