How to get the best results from Smart displays

What is a Smart Display?

A smart display is a great way to engage with customers who are coming into your store. It allows you to collect customer data to better understand customers' needs.

BrandLoyal review funnel on Ipad

Setup Instructions

  1. Use any tablet, we recommend using an iPad
  2. Open your BrandLoyal welcome email
  3. Click on your Review Booster funnel link
  4. Place the tablet in a high traffic area


The location of your smart display has a big role in achieving the best results.
We recommend placing the smart display in a visible and easily accessible location like;

  • By your final point of sale
  • At the entrance of your store

Using incentives like a chance to win “$100 amazon gift cards” to make it more exciting for customers to interact with the smart display. Due to the circumstances we are facing today we believe it's best to keep hand sanitizer next to the smart display, this will help customers feel more comfortable while using it.

BrandLoyal Funnel with amazon gift card incentive


The smart displays can also be used to check people in, sign digital forms, and process customers faster. If you haven’t built a Review Booster funnel yet, you can get started here for free.
Going digital has many benefits, however, it's simply also an easy way to stop using paper and continue to grow your business.