The Best Way to Collect Customer Reviews

The power of reviews

In a perfect world, every happy customer would share their experience with a family or friend and your business would grow by word-of-mouth without spending any money on advertising.

Customers are your best advertisers and have the most power to influence a potential buyer. It’s important to make it easy for them to leave that review.

Your business needs to have a high rating to compete in local searches, Google is always going to pick the best business to show on any search result. Without reviews, people have no reason to pick you over a competitor.

One way of getting to the top is by having a lot of reviews since Google favours engagement, but how can you collect reviews from every person using your business? See how you can collect 100x more Google reviews and rise to the top.

Collecting feedback

The best way the get reviews

With Brandloyal of course!
  • Smart Display - Engage with customers with an in-store Smart Display. Smart Displa
  • Smartphone - Collect reviews straight from your phone - anywhere, anytime.

smartphone * Desktop - Works with your point of sale (POS) system to collect customer data. Desktop * Qr Code - Contactless method that works with any smartphone camera. Qr Code * Email review request - Personal email - use our simple and elegant review request to ask politely for a review Email review request

Runner up ways

second place * link or clickable images on-site - people rely more on google reviews than onsite reviews. {img}

  • Social Media - Request a review to people who are engaged in comments showing the product.

  • Insert a slip with a review request in the bag with every order leaving for delivery {img}

Someother ways

worst options

  • Organic method - asking and hoping they know and remember to leave the review

  • Single-page handout - hope they keep this piece of paper until they feel like leaving a review

  • Snail-mail request - good luck scaling this and keep it personalized

  • Reverse side of your business card

You can see there are multiple ways to collect reviews.
Use the best review collecting system that engages customers on visits when their experience is fresh in mind, also making it easy to leave the review by offering different methods for the customer using their phone to leave the review on the spot.

Whos to say you can’t do them all, but if you want to go back to focusing on what matters the most brandloyal can help you passively earn 5-star google reviews, and that just the beginning.