Tips on how to get more 5-Star Reviews

Higher rating means higher ranking

Getting more 5-star reviews is more important now than ever before. More 5-star reviews will drive more referrals, more customers and more revenue to your business. It’s not easy to constantly get your customer's attention, leaving a review for a business is just not top of mind for many customers.

When people are searching the rules change, 82% of people read online reviews for local businesses, many customers will judge you against your competitors just based on your online reviews.

We can help! Here are 3 tips that can help your business get more 5-star reviews

1. Make it easy!

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Customers have a million things on their mind and are unlikely to remember to leave a review for the place they ate lunch at. Having an easy way for a customer to leave a review without feeling like it's an inconvenience is the goal. Here is our easy free tool that can help you simplify the processes of asking customers for reviews

2. Accept Customer Feedback!

Many times hearing negative feedback can hurt. You have spent countless hours working; your blood, sweat and tears are in your business, so of course, it stings when you hear negative feedback. Although the top growing businesses are ones that listen to their customers, it is important to also understand how their needs may be changing. By making the necessary changes, customers will have an overall better experience leading to more 5-Star reviews.

3. Let Everyone Know!

clean and dirty cups full of pens for sign in

A good plan to get more 5 star online reviews is important and will help the business immediately. Letting all your employees know that customer service and collecting feedback is important will go a long way. Creating contests or games to encourage good customer service and reminding customers you would like to hear their feedback, builds a better relationship between the business and its customers.