We Get IT!

Having your own business is hard during normal circumstances, ebbs and flows of traffic, product restocking, competitive pricing and not to mention weather diversions. You’ve managed to survive and thrive. Throw in the current pandemic and all of the above are welcome distractions. After all, we’ve all had to shutter a form of our business/services. Needls has seen this journey, noticed the struggle and has decided to do it’s part in fighting the pandemic.

Much like the Friends episode where Ross Gellar keeps yelling PIVOT - now is the time for all us all to pivot. Have you thought about working with a new SEO platform? Redesigning your website and landing page, or even increasing your ads to ensure you’re meeting new customers. Now is the time for that pivot. We know Advertising and social media marketing by working with us you’re staying in the driver's seat as we provide the road map. Let us do what we do best! When you create a campaign all you need to do is tell us a bit about yourself and we do the rest. We will create ads for you and distribute them across Social Media.


So while you’re out creating, researching and engaging with your customers and fulfilling your online orders. We are optimizing and implementing 100’s of techniques all to improve your conversions and deliver more customers, similar to how you would curate your content or merchandise for specific seasons. We'll do the same for you.

Still Pivoting...

A big part of your pivot should be working with your existing customer base and getting product reviews and recommendations. BrandLoyal is a great company for that, by working with them You can also engage with your customers both new and returning. You can review all social media feedback and preemptively ensure that you’re getting ahead of and anticipating customer needs.

brandloyal.io improves ratings

Freemium Services:

We also know that operating a business is expensive, the first thing to go is often your advertising budget. We say this with no judgment as at the end of the day, keeping the lights on is more important than a new ad campaign. Needls has followed the trends and have come out with a new opportunity to work together. It’s called Freemium - you can create a landing page, post content on your Facebook page all while we create ads for you for free and leverage our advertising platform for just a percentage of your spend.

Here are the needls.Free perks:


At the end of the day, the goal and backbone of Needls was to help small businesses grow, increase conversion and help market you to the world. How you get there is up to You, but let us be a part of your journey. We'll help you meet your goals faster/better and with more time doing what you do best.

Above all, we know we’re all in this together. All of us at Needls are here for You. We’ve worked with the team and have come up with some amazing tips to cope during this time.

Tips, Tricks and Food for Thought!

  1. Find your passion, now is the new time to work on new product ideas, creations and even recipes.
  2. Engage with your customers, work on new promotions, contests and even referral codes.
  3. Take a breath and focus on yourself and business goals.
  4. Clean up or renovate your office space, storefront.

food for thought

  1. Have video calls with your friends and family, from happy hour to face masks to even everyone dressing up for theme nights. This will help bring Your closer together and bring some normalcy to Your life.
  2. Drink more water, and eat healthy and nutritious foods. But also, treat yo self!
  3. If You can, support local business and restaurants in your area.
  4. Go for a walk and notice the small yet beautiful things in the world.
  5. Get creative! Paint, draw, craft working with your hands and creating a tangible item can often help and distract.
  6. Learn a new recipe, from whipped coffee to baking bread. Now is the time to make some of the recipes You’ve had your eyes on for a while.
  7. Last but not least, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We all cope and manage in different ways. Now isn’t the time to force a change on yourself, now is the time to heal, rest and survive.

Above all, remember that this is not a competition and we all cope in different ways during this tough time. We would like to be a part of your journey and hopefully help with your business in any way possible.

You’ve got this.

-The Needls team